About Me

About Me

Don Simmonds is known as a serial entrepreuner, but his most important job in the world is being a husband and father.

Don and Fay met in high school, were married at age 20 and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. They have been active in the high tech business world and in working with teenagers, two of the most rapidly changing environments in our world today. They love their rural home community of Uxbridge, and have been active in their church and through coaching hockey.

Their children are all active as well:

Shauna (Jenkins) is married to Jodie, and have two children Jacobie and Jubal. She is a film maker and operates MakeYouThink.tv the creator of 12 films dedicated to helping teenagers improve their inner character. Makeyouthink films are used in over 15 countries.

Craig, is married to Heather, and they have a son, Charlie. Craig is a consultant who assists in business measurement and KPI’s through Metor.ca.

Brett is a musician and music Producer owning his own Studio known as Ineo Studios.ca.

April, the youngest by 10 years has been a world class Equestrian in the dangerous Olympic sport of Eventing. Her business is Blythequestrian.ca and she develops young competition horses.