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Don Simmonds and Others Give Serial Entrepreneurs Advice

Today’s fast paced digital economy has proven to be fertile ground for serial entrepreneurs, a term often used to describe business leaders who have found success building and leading multiple companies in a variety of industries.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Imperative for Business Success

When it comes to establishing an impactful and positive international reputation, the businesses that are highly regarded are the ones that actively and continuously embrace corporate and social responsibility

Making Better Use of Social Media

Social media has entered the realm of faith-based communications in a big way and it’s seen as an important tool in the campaign to provide spiritual guidance to those searching for it. The good news is that for believers,

2017 Promising for #GPS Technologies and Users

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and the technology that makes them possible have revolutionized everything from logistics and shipping to exercise and personal monitoring. Few technologies have become as prevalent and dominant

New Faith Based Television Channel Gives Viewers Something to Believe In

In an effort to build on the popularity of the growing faith-based market that has been spurred on by the release of movies like Ben-Hur, Captive and Heaven is Real over the last two years, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey